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As an employer or recruiter, sometimes it pays off to be more proactive in seeking talent versus waiting until potential candidates apply to advertised job postings. As a way to provide greater visibility in the pool of talent, job listers or recruiters can search for prospective employees with the following high level steps:

Besides actively searching for job opportunities, job seekers can also make their resumes searchable for employers and recruiters who are proactively searching for specific skill sets and talent that job seekers offer. To increase the changes of being discovered, job seekers can take the following high level steps to publish their resumes in our database:

  1. Assuming the job seeker has already created an account, simply go to the resume section of the job seeker dashboard
  2. Add resume details
  3. Receive confirmation resume has been submitted
  4. Make resume searchable (optional)

How do I list a job?

Posted by | August 31, 2013 | FAQ

Whether you’re a recruiter or an employer (i.e., job lister), the process to publish a job requisition is designed to be straight-forward. The high level steps to submit a job are:

  1. Create a user account for free or log in
  2. Check out your job lister dashboard
  3. Click on “Submit” to start the job listing process
  4. Fill in the job details
  5. Preview your verbiage
  6. Select the job listing plan that fits your needs
  7. Make a payment after being redirected to PayPal
  8. Your job listing goes live (you can always go back to edit again as needed)