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Besides actively searching for job opportunities, job seekers can also make their resumes searchable for employers and recruiters who are proactively searching for specific skill sets and talent that job seekers offer. To increase the changes of being discovered, job seekers can take the following high level steps to publish their resumes in our database:

  1. Assuming the job seeker has already created an account, simply go to the resume section of the job seeker dashboard
  2. Add resume details
  3. Receive confirmation resume has been submitted
  4. Make resume searchable (optional)

How do I apply for a job?

Posted by | August 31, 2013 | FAQ

As a job seeker, you can search for jobs without creating a user account but in order to apply, you can register for free to submit your credentials. If you did create a job seeker user account, you can take the following high level steps to submit your information for a job listing and better your chances in landing your dream job:

  1. Create a user account for free or log in
  2. Check out your job seeker dashboard
  3. After finding a job listing from our search page, click on “apply” for the application form and fill in the details
  4. Receive submission confirmation
  5. Explore other options in your job seeker dashboard to adjust job alerts and what types of information you’d like to share